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Build Your Own Globe of Persistence with FPGA

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

Hey there FPGA lovers! The human eye is far from being perfect, and this imperfection helps us in coming up with a lot of ideas and products (take the television for example!). Today’s post exploits the Human eye’s persistence of vision to build a globe of persistence using FPGA. These globes can be used to build circular LED displays using just 1 column of LEDs which make them highly cost effective and fun to build with FPGA.

The trick when it comes to the globe of persistence is to balance the RPM of the globe and the timing of the LEDs switching colour. The author has shared details regarding the hardware needed for the project in the introduction. An FPGA board (you may need to adapt yours for this project), a neopixel 12 LED strip, a 12 wire slip ring, a photo interrupter and a photo interrupter breakout board, a 12V DC motor, a micro SD card and a cross compiler for ARM processors.

The project also needs an interfacing board for the FPGA and globe which has been explained in step 2. Building the globe’s mechanical structure with the DC motor has been explained in detail in step 5, and soldering the wires in the right way has been shared by the author too.

The author has gone to great lengths to explain how to execute the project. Step 1 gives complete details about generating an FSBL file and a PDF in case you have doubts. The coding for the project has been done in Linux. But even if you are unfamiliar with Linux, the author has explained Linux for FPGA in detail in steps 3 and 4. The code has been broken down to modules, and there are clear instructions available on how to program the FPGA. Step 7 is the final step that explains how to get your globe working, and also gives details regarding building custom applications using the globe of persistence and FPGA.

 Have fun!

By NicolasD3

Bruce Perens Mentions Papilio And Bus Pirate In Linux Keynote Speech

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

(Jump to 39:04 on the vid to hear Bruce mention Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate, and to 41:04 when he talks about our Papilio!)

Open source guru Bruce Perens gave a keynote speech recently at the major 2012 Linux conference just this past week in Ballarat, Australia.  If you’ve got an hour to spare, the whole video is certainly worth watching.  His topic in the video is The State Of Open Source, And Introducing Open Hardware.  This gentleman is on the cutting edge, folks.

For the uninitiated, here’s a bit of Bruce Perens’ backstory as a legendary open source advocate.  He singlehandedly forged the Open Source Definition, co-founded Open Source Initiative (OSI), and worked for 12 years at Pixar as a studio tools engineer.  He also started the Busybox project, which every embedded Linux system uses.  Perens is also a former Debian project leader.  Debian is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as free and open source software primarily under the GNU General Public License.  So, those are only some of his many accomplishments.  Feel free to read more of Mr. Perens here.

Bruce Perens has some major cred, to be sure.  From someone of this pedigree, we are genuinely honored to get a mention in his keynote speech.

Thanks, Bruce!  On the off chance you’re reading this, drop us a line sometime!   :)