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RetroCade Hardware Guide and User Guide Available Now; Final Hardware Launching Soon!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

In anticipation of our final RetroCade Synth hardware launching within the next couple of weeks, we wanted to take a minute and point everyone in the direction of the updated RetroCade Hardware Guide and the RetroCade User Guide:

These webpages are “works in progress” at this point, but are being updated constantly – so check back to these pages *often* for the very latest.  If you’re interested in FPGA audio synthesis at all and are unfamiliar with our RetroCade Synth, make sure you check out the Retrocade home page for a great overview of the product, some video of this little bad boy in action, and some general tech specs.

So get your knowledge on!  And get ready for some hackable chip-tune synthesis action with the RetroCade Synth by Gadget Factory.

Additional links:

Questions?  Ideas? Flattery?  Hit us up in the comments section, and stay tuned to the blog here for all your RetroCade developments.

First release of RetroCade Synth Windows Installer!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

We just put the first version of the Windows installer for RetroCade Synth in the download area. This new installer groups all RetroCade resources together and makes them easily accessible from the Start menu.

RetroCade Installer

The RetroCade Synth is made by Gadget Factory and was started on Kickstarter:
Welcome to the R-R-R-R-RetroCade Synth from Gadget Factory.  This exciting new hardware synthesizer is built on Gadget Factory’s own Papilio platform, and is designed with both hardware hackers and musicians in mind.  Musicians will love the ease of use and extreme retro glitchiness that the Retrocade has to offer. Hackers will love that it is open-source, and is designed to be HACKED.  Either way, you’re in luck.  You will find no better, more flexible synthesizer at this price point anywhere else!

The RetroCade Synth boasts the capability to play the built-in Commodore 64 SID chip, the Yamaha YM-2149 chip, .mod files, and MIDI files – all at the same time! The RetroCade Synth can be played via any external MIDI control interface or via your favorite audio/ sequencing software. We have built a custom VST software dashboard which gives you visual control over all the various parameters the synth has to offer.

*You must have SynthMaker installed to run the Dashboard. The free version can be downloaded from:

9/26/2012    Version .1
-ZPUino IDE: Shortcut to open RetroCade Sketch with the ZPUino IDE.
-Merged RetroCade Bit File: Shortcut to load RetroCade-.01b-zpuino-1.0-PapilioPro-S6LX9-RetroCade-1.04.bit with the Papilio Loader
-MOD files, YM2149, SID chips play on both left and right channel now.
-Code runs from SDRAM providing 8MB of code space!
-RetroCade Sketch is merged into this bit file.
-Smallfs version of MOD and YM files are merged into this bit file.
-Papilio Loader
-SynthMaker Dashboard: The dashboard requires that Synthmaker be installed. MIDI selections are not moved to the main page yet.

Go to download page.

1st RetroCade Synth Prototypes! RetroCade MegaWing, Arcade MegaWing 2.0, and Papilio Pro!

Friday, July 13th, 2012

The PCB’s for the RetroCade Synth prototypes arrived early this week which was way faster then expected. I put together a bill of materials (BOM) this week and put in a parts order to verify everything. The parts arrived last night and I built the first prototypes this morning!

Here is a video showing the first RetroCade Synth prototypes:

I will be testing everything next week and if all goes well I will be placing a larger parts order once the Kickstarter funds are released by Amazon. For everyone who backed at the prototyper level this means that I will hopefully be shipping your first boards out in just a couple weeks!