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Article: Put the Watson AI into Your Raspberry Pi with IBM’s Free(ish) Embedded Development Platform

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

There is an interesting IoT/Artificial Intelligence platform from IBM called Project Intu. From the project page:

A new, experimental program from IBM enables developers to imbue Internet of Things (IoT) systems — robots, drones, avatars and other devices — with the cognitive know-how of Watson.

This definitely looks worth checking out to see what kinds of things can be done with it. Text-to-Speech, language and visual recognition – all sounds pretty good.


via AllAboutCircuits

Free eBook: Neural networks and Deep Learning

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016


One of the reasons for creating the GadgetBoxes was to start looking at ways to connect Artificial Intelligence tasks to IoT devices. So not only are we learning about all of the latest IoT technologies but also the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Many of the latest breakthroughs have come from new techniques such as Deep Learning and Sigmoid Neurons. This free eBook is a nice way to learn about these concepts and even better, it has Python code examples to experiment with!