RetroCade V1.1: C64 SID Analog Filters are here!

Breaking news! The long awaited implementation of the analog filters for C64 SID chip are here! The new V1.1 RetroCade release includes everything you need to play SID files from your SD card and enjoy the new analog filters. Grab a copy of the Windows Installer and start enjoying the SID goodness. Not a Windows user, don’t despair, we are working on a Mac and Linux release as we speak. We will make another announcement sometime next week once they are ready.


Special thanks to Alvaro Lopes for writing the VHDL to implement the analog filters and for porting the tinySID library so we can emulate the C64 and play back SID files!


Keep in mind this is the first release of the SID filters and there are bound to be some bugs. Please drop by the forum and let us know about any SID files that don’t sound right.

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