Getting An Old Digital O-Scope To Output To A Computer Monitor

Michael over at AcidBourbon recently got his mitts on an older (circa 1990) digital oscilloscope and wanted to see if he could hack a way to plot the screen from the ‘scope on his computer. The unit he’s hacking is the GOULD 4094, 200MHz digital storage oscilloscope with four input channels. With no proprietary software and using only Linux command line tools and the open source scripting language PERL, Michael sets out to achieve his goal to get this beast displaying on his monitor.

All the features that you expect from a good scope are there: switching between AC/DC coupling, switch input impedance between 50 Ohms and 1M, setting trigger levels and delays, you can even set two different time bases (horizontal scaling) A and B and switch for each of the four input channels between these two timebases independently. When you freeze a curve with the hold button or by setting a trigger, you can “walk around” the curve with a cursor and read the momentary voltage level. You even can set the display intensity for the traces and the alphanumeric output separately.

You can view the full project at Michael’s site at the link below. If any of you have an older ‘scope sitting around, destined for the dumpster, this project just might help you breathe some new life into it! Good stuff.

(via Hackaday)

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