DIY IR Object-Detection Module On The Cheap

If you’ve ever needed some kind of infrared (IR) object detection sensor for one of your projects, here’s a simple and cheap way to make one. These IR sensor modules can be useful for small DIY robotics projects, or really whatever you can dream up!

The main concept is simple , the IR LED keeps transmitting infrared rays up to a certain range (there is a potentiometer also in the design with which you can alter the range). When an object comes within the infrared range, the IR waves hit the object and bounce back at an angle, and the photo diode detects the reflected IR rays; works as a sensor.

Parts list:

1  -IR  LED
1 – PR (photodiode)
1 – 1k resistance
1 – 220E resistance
1- 6k8 resistance
1 – 10k potentiometer

The project comes to us by way of Rakesh Mondal, and if you head over to his project page you can see the way to make your own IR sensor modules! The page has everything you’ll need from circuit diagrams to parts to construction.

(via Rakesh Mondal)

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  1. Thank you :)
    I really liked that this project have been shared here, Greetings. gadgetfactory.

    Rakesh Mondal

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